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Not just where you want live, but how you want live.

Approximately a decade ago, one fact became clear: More and more businesses—and people—recognized Madison County as a premier location for seeding success and nurturing families, and for enjoying the deep satisfactions of a life well-lived. Population expansion was inevitable, and more new housing would be necessary. But how would Madison County respond to the challenge?

The answer was intelligent growth, ambitious in scope yet rigorous in adherence to standards of excellence, resulting in a wealth of new residential developments that have been carefully planned, designed and built to ensure quality in construction as well as quality of life.  Today Madison residents enjoy unparalleled choice in price range and lifestyles, from economical starter homes to luxurious executive homes and mansions, from welcoming traditional neighborhoods to vibrant exemplars of New Urbanism. Lifestyle options and amenities are abundant—lakes, parks, ponds, golf courses, equestrian centers—offering a uniquely tailored complement to Madison County’s multitude of inviting public amenities.

Selection, availability, affordability: Madison County has everything you’re seeking in your next home, because we understand it’s not just where you want to live, but how you want to live that’s important.

Abundant housing under one roof.

Total subdivisions constructed
from 2002-2012 = 385

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From 2002 to 2012

• 7,920 new homes constructed

• 385 new residential developments

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