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St. Andrew’s students achieve perfect scores - See more at:

Feb 13, 2017

St. Andrew’s students achieve perfect scores BY DUNCAN DENT Wednesday, February 8, 2017 6:00 PM Pictured are Allen Ryu, Joe Han, Emily Kruse, Daniel Marsh, Julia Jia, Charley Hutchison, and Peter Martin Pictured are Allen Ryu, Joe Han, Emily Kruse, Daniel Marsh, Julia Jia, Charley Hutchison, and Peter Martin Seven St. Andrew’s Episcopal School students have scored a perfect score of 36 on the ACT and over half the senior class has scored above a 30. Two of those perfect scores belong to sophomores. Senior Daniel Marsh said that he believes every St Andrew’s student “knows the material to make a 36,” but the school goes one step further to recommend tutors and offer programs to improve students test taking ability. “I got a 33 the first couple times I took the test,” he said. “I was frustrated, but my mom pushed me to work with a tutor we got in touch with through the school and try again. He taught me some helpful strategies to know what I was doing and spend my time wisely so I would have time to check my answers.” Marsh, who has traveled a lot with his family before they settled in Madison County, knew he wanted to go to a school that was world-renowned and has even sent his application to schools in Scotland and England. Peter Martin, another senior who scored a 36, has already been accepted into Vanderbilt and is working on scholarships. He has achieved the prestigious rank of Eagle Scout, started a club, and plays on three school sports teams. “I think my 36 really helped me get accepted, but most importantly, for me at least are these leadership experiences I have had through scouts and sports. I found a school I really liked and was able to do what I needed to do get in and hopefully get some scholarships, but most importantly they were things I enjoyed,” Martin said. Karson Pettit, who met her minimum goal of a 34 on the ACT and has her sights set on medical school, said it was helpful to have something to shoot for, but she felt the expectations of her friends helped motivate her further. “It is not necessarily about making a high or perfect score, other people around you have made it unacceptable to not work hard,” Pettit said. “I knew I would need scholarships to get into the kind of schools I wanted and I knew I would need a 34 to do it.” Head of the Upper School Julia Chadwick said that, while they do offer tools for test preparation, the critical thinking and reading skills that the school and its teachers strive to incorporate into every lesson give St. Andrew’s students an edge. “The biggest piece of the puzzle for me is that we teach critical thinking and reading at a very early age at this school,” Chadwick said. “And that translates into every one of the five sections on the test. Our teachers are learning facilitators, not just knowledge dispensers.” Neva Arora said that scoring high was rewarding and while the environment was competitive, it was also supportive. “Getting above a 30 was rewarding, it opens you up, you know you are a competitor for some of the top schools in the country,” She said. “I don’t know that I could have done it any where else. There was some competition between me and my friends for sure, but they were also all so supportive.” Jake Johnston scored a 34 and said it was just as much a competition with himself as it was with his peers. Students who scored a perfect 36 are Allen Ryu, Joe Han, Emily Kruse, Daniel Marsh, Julia Jia, Charley Hutchison, and Peter Martin - See more at:

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