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Living well means more in Madison County.

It’s easy enough to quantify our quality of life in Madison County: high test scores, graduation and attainment rates that reflect our outstanding schools; affordable prices, values and availability of housing stocks that testify to our terrific neighborhoods; our location at the hub of the region’s medical corridor dense with specialization and expertise which insures the best of 21st century healthcare; the sheer number, size and variety of parks and recreational opportunities, museums, and arts and cultural events and venues that all attest to a rich and well-rounded experience of life. And then there’s our fast-growing population (one of the fastest in the state), yet more tangible evidence that our way of life offers people more.

But is there a metric to measure the excitement of a child whose intellect has been awakened in a school that truly nurtures learning and engagement? The promise of that child is now unlimited. And what about the deep satisfaction a family feels when they can move into a welcoming neighborhood that’s been designed and built to meet their every need? The roots they put down are unshakeable, the friendships and bonds they form unbreakable. You can’t put a yardstick to the peace of mind knowing healthcare that’s not just life-saving but also life-enhancing is immediately available from some of the nation’s leading providers.  And what about the joy of a great soccer save? The contentment of an early morning horseback ride along beautifully manicured trails? The serenity of a sailboat excursion on shimmering waters that stretch to the horizon? How thrilling are world-class symphony and ballet performances? How delicious is the beat of the blues in one of the places where the blues were first born?

In short, you can’t parcel out the passion for quality and the passion for life that make Madison County such a uniquely attractive place to live. Our friendliness and community spirit are incomparable. Yes, by any conventional measure, Madison is Mississippi’s leading county, but it’s the immeasurables behind those metrics that make life meaningful and that inevitably lead people to our door. Because while living well means different things to different people, living well in Madison County always means more.

""Because while living well means different things to different people, living well in Madison County always means more.""

• Mississippi’s highest per capita income.

• Graduation and educational attainment rates higher than the national average.

• Higher-than-average ACT scores; 27 National Merit Scholars in 2012.

• Diverse neighborhoods; housing prices below national average.

• Location at the hub of the regional Healthcare Corridor

• Recreational venues that include miles of multi-use trails, the 33,000-acre Ross Barnett Reservoir and the Natchez Trace Parkway, plus superb sports facilities.

• Diverse arts and cultural offerings—symphony, ballet, opera, blues, fine arts, theatre, art and crafts and more.

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