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Strategic concentration for superior competitiveness.

In today’s demanding global marketplace, a business cluster can offer game-changing network advantages such as enhanced access to crucial innovation, specialized labor skills and key suppliers. Companies operating within industrial clusters are often more productive and, thanks to a greater sensitivity to market conditions, are able to maneuver and deploy more rapidly in the face of changing global conditions.

Madison County recognized early on that while the area’s comparative advantages (attractive labor and business costs, for example) were significant, strategic global management also requires competitive advantages such as cluster development. With MCEDA’s support and encouragement, Madison County now has two thriving industrial clusters with more emerging. For those seeking robust cluster opportunities, Madison County presents the ideal location—and the ideal moment when costs, benefits and availability are all ideally aligned for generations of prosperity and growth.

When your business is ready to get together with the best, let’s get together in Madison County and let MCEDA help you achieve your potential.


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