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Logistics & Infrastructure

Continuous improvements are being made throughout Madison County, from roadway design to construction. Overseen by the Mississippi Department of Transportation, whose mission is to use Intelligent Transportation Systems technologies to improve the quality of life for state residents and visitors by providing more reliable, informative, safer, and flexible passenger and freight multi-model transportation services.

For specific infrastructure information, please click the links below.

Distance from Jackson to Select Local and Regional Destinations:

Destination City Highway Miles Driving Time
Atlanta, GA 382 5 hrs, 28 mins
Baton Rouge, LA 174 2 hrs, 38 mins
Birmingham, AL 237 3 hrs, 24 mins
Dallas, TX 404 6 hrs, 37 mins
Gulfport, MS 157 3 hrs, 3 mins
Houston, TX 441 7 hrs, 7 mins
Little Rock, AR 344 4 hrs, 55 mins
Memphis, TN 210 3 hrs, 2 mins
Montgomery, AL 248 4 hrs, 25 mins
New Orleans, LA 186 2 hrs, 51 mins
Shreveport, LA 218 3 hrs, 30 mins
St. Louis, MO 493 7 hrs, 6 mins
Tallahassee, FL 429 7 hrs, 14 mins



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