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Labor Market Analysis

Younger Associates has evaluated the labor market for an information technology (IT) operation locating in the Greater Jackson, Mississippi region. In this assessment, YA projects the number of qualified workers a new IT facility could expect to employ in one year. The assessment provides the potential labor yield for a 5-county labor shed area that falls within a 30-mile radius of the site radius of the site and a 21-county area that falls within a 60-mile radius of the site. Both of these labor shed areas are within an acceptable commute time for workers in south-central Mississippi. Counties were used as the unit for measurement rather than an exact radius since more data, with more precise measurements, is available at the county level.

In 2011, YA completed a comprehensive workforce analysis for the 17 counties that comprise the South-central Mississippi Works WIA. This analysis included a survey of the workforce conducted in sufficient depth to yield a 95% confidence factor and a +2.5% margin of error. In this labor market assessment, we draw from the in-depth primary data that was collected in that workforce analysis. We also utilize current data from the Mississippi Department of Employment Security and the U.S.Bureau of Labor Statistics. Data was also used from licensed proprietary sources such as Claritas and EMSI.

Younger Associates specializes in research for economic development. The firm has pioneered many innovative economic development studies and has developed a workforce survey process that provides highly reliable data that includes all sectors of the workforce. YA is nationally recognized for the quality of the firm’s work in analyzing labor-market dynamics for economic development and workforce development agencies. Map 1, found in the full report, shows the 30 and 60 mile radii and depicts the counties included in the labor shed area.

Key Findings

  • This analysis finds that a new information technology employer, providing locally competitive wages and benefits, locating in the Greater Jackson area could expect to hire 526 workers (Table 6).
  •  U.S. average wages for information technology workers is 23.6% higher than the average wage for these workers in the Greater Jackson Area (Table 3B).
  • There are more than 2,325 annual completions in information technology from Greater Jackson-area higher education institutions (Table 5).

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