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Madison County’s infrastructure is maintained by several public utilities providing electricity, natural gas, water, sewage, and telephone services.
Commercial utility costs in Mississippi are priced below national averages.

• Electricity
• Natural Gas
• Water & Wastewater
• Communication


Electricity is provided to Madison County and its business community by Entergy Mississippi. Entergy Mississippi serves approximately 437,000 customers in 45 of Mississippi’s 82 counties.  Entergy Mississippi works hand-in-hand with community and economic development groups in Madison County to provide the needed infrastructure and ensure an excellent supply of needed power.

Entergy Mississippi employs a full staff of economic development professionals ready to assist existing and prospective businesses in Madison County and throughout the Mississippi coverage area. They can provide information on available existing buildings and industrial sites, infrastructure and power usage estimates, and other utility consultative services.

Natural Gas

Natural Gas in Madison County is supplied through Entex and CenterPoint Energy. CenterPoint Energy Gas Services (CEGS) is a non-regulated gas marketing group, providing competitive gas services for commercial, industrial, and wholesale customers. The industrial and commercial retail group sells gas and related services at competitive prices to end-use customers.

CenterPoint Energy’s retail natural gas marketing unit serves commercial and industrial customers in Mississippi, offering a variety of natural gas management services for commercial, institutional, and industrial end users, including a number of Fortune 500 businesses. CEGS serves more than 6,000 retail accounts for most of the local distribution companies in the region.  

The company’s supply management services include load forecasting, supply acquisition, daily swing volume management, invoice consolidation, storage asset management, firm and interruptible transportation administration, and forward price risk management through the use of derivatives. CEGS also manages pipeline transportation contracts on all of the region’s interstate pipeline systems.

Water & Wastewater

Madison County water and wastewater services are provided by different municipal systems depending upon the community in which the businesses are located.

Canton Municipal Utilities
Water and wastewater within the City of Canton is provided by Canton Municipal Utilities. They supply water and wastewater services specifically for the Canton Commercial and Industrial Center and the Central Mississippi Industrial Center. Below are statistics on capacities offered through this utility company:
• Water source: Wells
• System capacity: 4,000,000 gallons per day
• Average consumption: 2,000,000 gallons per day
• Peak consumption: 3,000,000 gallons per day
• Storage capacity: 2,250,000 gallons
• Sanitary sewer capacity: 3,600,000 gallons
• Sewer treatment type: HCR lagoons
• Percent of community served: 100
• Present load: 81%

City of Madison
The Madison Water Utility provides water service to approximately 4,500 homes and businesses and specifically for the Madison Business Park. Below are the water capacities for the City of Madison:
• Water source: Wells
• System capacity: 5,760,000 gallons per day
• Average consumption: 1,000,000 gallons per day
• Peak consumption: 1,500,000 gallons per day
• Storage capacity: 1,600,000 gallons
Sewer service for the City of Madison is provided by two regional treatment systems, the Metro System with the City of Ridgeland and Jackson, and the Madison County Waste Water Authority. Sewer service is provided to approximately 8,600 residences and businesses.

Ridgeland Water System
The City of Ridgeland Water System provides water for its residents.
Working together, the cities of Madison, Ridgeland, and Jackson formed the East Madison Regional Sewer System (Metro Sewer). Regional sewer interceptor lines were constructed that follow Brashear Creek and Culley Creek.
The City of Ridgeland maintains these lines and a large sewerage pumping station near the City of Madison Public Works facility on Post Oak Road. The regional sewer interceptor lines flow to the Savannah Street sewerage treatment plant in south Jackson. The use of these two systems accounts for two sewer charges that appear on water/sewer bills. The city charge helps pay for operation, maintenance, and debt service of the city’s collection system, while the Metro Sewer charge helps to cover costs of operation, maintenance, and debt service for the regional interceptor lines and treatment system.
Currently all sewer providers in Madison County have formed the Madison County Sewer Authority and are developing sewer treatment within Madison County so that another treatment option will be available.
City of Flora
The Flora Industrial Park and the City of Flora receive water and wastewater services from the City of Flora. Below are statistics about water and sewer capacities in this area:
• Water source: Wells
• System capacity: 1,390,000 gallons per day
• Average consumption: 756,000 gallons per day
• Peak consumption: 900,000 gallons per day
• Storage capacity: 250,000 gallons
• Sanitary sewer capacity: 300,000 gallons
• Sewer treatment type: Sand Filter
• Percent of community served: 95%
• Present load: 20%


Communication services in Madison County are provided by a number of companies:

CSpire Wireless




Direct TV


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